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What Our Patients Are Saying


Naae Kim is a miracle worker. Not only does she completely put you at ease with her mere presence; but Naae's ability as a healer is remarkable. I watched my wife writhe in pain and itchiness for 2 weeks before our wedding, from a horrible acute rash that she contracted from a neoprene wetsuit. We went to every kind of western medicine specialist in town; they injected her with drugs and lathered her in topical creams that only made her symptoms worse. Exacerbated and desperate for a cure before our big day, she went to see Naae 5 days before our wedding day. Naae was not only able to finally sooth her flare up in the short-term, but she also gave my wife a special tea that cured her completely in 3 days. Just in time for her to finally get a good night sleep before what was to be a magical wedding.

My wife recommended that I go to see Naae myself after I started to feel a mysterious chronic pain sensation in my lower leg. She first took great pains to ensure that my situation wasn't something serious and then after just one acupuncture treatment the pain went away. In a different time, I imagine I might of just lived with that pain for decades and just chalked it up to old age. But Naae took care of me in just one visit.

I already recommend Naae Kim to any of my friends that are interested in acupuncture or Eastern medicine in general. But I also feel compelled to recommend her to anyone who is seeking an alternative method of treatment to the usual pills and repeat visits to the doctor. She's already saved our family many trips to the doctor.

Les Reaves


Naae Kim is an extraordinary healer. I cannot recommend her enough to everyone. She offers a wide variety of treatments with a focus on nutrition and acupuncture. For prevention, she is very intuitive about figuring out slight imbalances and correcting them with supplements and acupuncture. Not only has she helped me to cleanse my liver and reach optimal health, but she has saved me in many acute situations. One time when I had a horrible flu, and my lymph nodes in my neck were the size of golf balls, she did a treatment on me and gave me herbs that stopped the flu in one day. By the second day it was completely gone, and I could not believe that on the third day I was able to work out and go back to work. When I had major (bone cutting) knee surgery in February she put me on a supplement program as well as weekly acupuncture. The results were so incredible that even my doctor and both physical therapists were amazed at how fast I healed. The swelling and pain was under control the whole time and I opted to stop taking my pain medication after 2 days. Due to my progress my physical therapist fast forwarded my physical therapy program and later granted me permission to start running again after only four months, even though they originally told me six months.

On another occasion during a treatment for my liver, I casually mentioned that I heard ringing in my ears, a problem I have from time to time. She started pressing on different spots on my face, and within one minute, the ringing was gone. Healing for Naae is not just a job; it is a passion and a way of life. She is constantly going to weekend seminars to learn more about healing and improve her practice, even though she is an expert and was the top graduate in her class at AOMA. For anything from Alzheimer's to post-op healing to a headache, you cannot trust any person more with your body, your family and your life.

Scarlett Olson

Artist and Performer

My name is Rosanne Cisneros. I am a 55 year old woman who has a multitude of maladies. However, the most painful is my arthritis. My diagnosis is with rheumatoid arthritis of the Stills type. As a result of the disease, I am in constant pain. I see my rheumatologist regulary, and am given injections and usually a multitude of scripts for pain. Finally, I felt that I wanted and needed to try something entirely different. So, at the request of my daughter, I went to see Naae Kim.

Naae Kim is a miracle worker. She is such an endearing person and extremely centered mentally. Her ability to set you at ease, first off is amazing. When I first walked in, the pain was so excrutiating, I was crying; but Naae's serene nature put me immediately in calm mode. Her healing ability is remarkable. Not only was she able to remove my pain in one visit, but I am still pain free 2-1/2 weeks later.

I have been sleeping well with minimal pain. At this time, I no longer take regular doses of hydrocodone, oxycodene, or vicodin. I know nothing completely erases RA, but Naae's skill with accupunture certainly comes close. I will definitly be returning to her soon. I have since recommended her to my son and to my internal medicine physician.

There is no one that I would trust my body with more than Ms. Kim. She is truly gifted with the ability to heal.

Rosanne Cisneros


I had two sessions with Naae and responded very well to treatment. We focused on treating uterine fibroids. The smaller fibroid disappeared along with a cyst on the ovary. In addition, the ambiance and bedside manner is calm and puts you at ease. I highly recommend acupuncture from Austin Family Acupuncture, as an effective treatment.

Anandhi Mani

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