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To get your functional blood chemistry analyzed, call us for an appointment.

If you have a current blood work report, we can analyze that report to determine your current wellness state. If you need a new blood work report, we can refer you to a lab that offers a special discount to our patients, at a fraction of the retail cost.

Call us today so we can help you achieve your health objectives.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

What can be learned from an FBC analysis?

This analysis reveals the current condition of your body's functional wellness. You may not be sick now, but your body may be heading in that direction. It is also probable that your body is not functioning at its optimum wellness level. You may feel common symptoms like lethargy, lack of alertness, trouble concentrating, mood swings, mild depression, etc. yet your MD tells you nothing is wrong with you; that nothing is out of range on your blood work. Our functional blood analysis may reveal insights into your wellness that may otherwise go undected.

What is needed for the analysis?

Austin Family Acupuncture performs functional blood chemistry analysis by interpreting data from your blood test to determine functional health and wellness. We can use existing blood test reports. If you do not have a recent blood test report, we can refer you to a lab that offers a significant discount to our patients.

Western and Eastern standards differ

The 'normal' ranges labeled on your blood report for each test are not decided upon by a panel of international practitioners, telling us what is healthy and what is sick. In reality, these mean ranges on your report are determined by samples taken in that lab only. A standard that everybody uses does not exist. And as if that weren't enough to make you scratch your head, think about who is most likely going to have blood tests run--sick people! There's no reason for 'healthy' people to get blood tests, especially if insurance companies aren't willing to pay for it. Since only sick people's scores are being used to determine the averages, all of the 'normal' results are skewed away from health and wellness. Functional health practitioners and researchers have reviewed the data, determined what constitutes wellness and have set a range of wellness guidelines.

Here is an example how the standards are different, using Hypoglycemia: Twenty years ago, according to Western standards, if your glucose reading was less than 85, it was determined that you had Reactive Hypoglycemia. (This is also the current standard for functional heath.) Now, with the skewed norms, you are considered a Reactive Hypoglycemic with a reading less than 65. A current patient came to us with a glucose reading of 70. Twenty years ago, she would have been diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia, but today, she is considered healthy by Western standards. Hypoglycemia, if gone untreated, can eventually lead to Type II Diabetes, the fastest growing disease in the U.S. today. Unfortunately, this type of skewed result ocurs in labs and doctors' offices across the country, not only with the glucose test. The really bad news is that by the time a Western medicine practitioner discovers you are sick, you are really sick. Functional health practicioners are trained and equipped to make the discoveries sooner, so preventative measures can be taken immediately, before your symptoms disrupt your daily life. You don't have to wait until you have a disease to have your blood chemistry analyzed. Get your blood test today and find out how to keep yourself healthy enough to avoid sickness and disease.

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