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About the Clinic and Services

Confident Care, Quality Services

When choosing your health care, you want to be confident you are getting top quality care from knowledgable practitioners that treat you with special attention. In this section of the website, we invite you to meet Naae Kim, the practitioner at Austin Family Acupuncture, see the clinic, and introduce yourself to the benefits of acupuncture and other services offered at the clinic. By combining acupuncture and its modalities, herbal therapy, and a customized nutritional program, your body can fix many disorders without the unwanted side effects that can accompany other treatments. Proper blood analysis and diagnosis, done at the clinic, can grant you life-saving and life-prolonging insights into your specific nutritional needs. Austin Family Acupuncture is one of the few clinics in Austin to offer this wide a range of expertise and treatments to provide total wellness for you and your family.


Your Resource For Total Wellness

The treatments section is updated regularly to be a resource for you to learn about the disorders for which acupuncture is most effective at treating, and often healing. You'll find medical articles and information on the latest nutritional advancements throughout this site. It is our belief that the more you know about these treatments, the better decisions you can make about the care that is best for you. Explore the site and enjoy the experience. If you do not find what you are looking for, check the faqs page (Frequently Asked Questions) or send us a question by email or with the form on the contact us page.

We look forward to providing you with the best care available.


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